"Mechanics Of Silence" the Japan aid compilation released!

Release title: Mechanics Of Silence
Format: Compilation / Digital Download
Style: Drone Dark Ambient Electronic
Duration: 11 Tracks / 76 min.
Release Date: 14 April 2011
Released by: Essentia Mundi label

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The compilation was released! What a great release I may add. From the peacefully excellent introductory track by The Drive To Uqbar to the electronic exquisite variety of adamned.age's track and to the whispered voices track of Occurrences In Rain, all the tracks are fitting very well together. The result is one of the most beautiful releases I have ever put together.
Because of the style's particular niche, I do not expect it to be a 'commercial success,' but as a piece of sound art I am sure it will be appreciated by many.

I am also confident with the cover design, the process of the design took me some time...I had some initial tentatives and as always for me...the second version came out the better one.

I have to let some days to pass over the initial designs to get a better result, this is how it works for me. It goes the same with the audio compositions. The Purple Sky track was actually composed between two countries. The initial version of the track gave me a lot of thoughts about how to 'solve' a final version. I wasn't able to finish it only quite a lot days later.

The official release webpage, that it is still on development, some articles and media still to be added as they appear: www.essentiamundi.com/mos

Buy the release now and help Japan!

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