June 2015: ABBILDUNG - All Demons Are Horned CD

June 2015: ABBILDUNG - All Demons Are Horned CD Very happy that the Winter-Light Dutch dark ambient label announced the future release of a new ABBILDUNG album named "All Demons Are Horned." This is a very special release with new material, this is the 10 years ABBILDUNG anniversary CD. Probably my best work so far. More news soon...


Reworking some Ancient Beliefs releases, now MourningWinter AB006

Reworking some of the Ancient Beliefs releases for bandcamp. Some really cool raw primitive so-bad-thats-good black metal tracks. For now just published a material of some old friends, I was also involved with some drums :) https://ancientbeliefs.bandcamp.com/album/mourning-winter-draco-ab006-rm