Last year so good, 2019 is more in the background...

Looking back to 2018 I think it was one of the best years for us with 7 great releases for very different artists on different formats.
Started with Inabile Caos - 1.0 digiCD then the movie themed series of 3 with Christian Fiesel, In Die Ferne and ABBILDUNG cassette. Then the Metro Drones of 73 Miles and finishing in a great manner with argyre planitia's dark ambient opus CD. A big Thanks to our artists for their music and our great work together and thanks a lot to our special listeners of niche music.
2019 will be a bit quiet on the surface. I had some other projects going on, my own release, that got the time along with some mastering also discussing with some projects about their releases before making a release decision.
I am just so, I can't give only a simple Yes to a release that will be published on Essentia Mundi Records. First there is some background stuff happening in order to have a "perfect" release. Producer's stuff, the artist can take it or not.
I remember working with Christian Fiesel, to get his album the perfect touch. We worked smoothly for at least a Month to get it right. I still think this is and will continue to be his best work so far.

In this respect I remember a not so good experience, working for more days with Nxxx project in order to get the best out of his demo. I was presented with some collaboration tracks, bonus tracks, outros, that sounded ok but not well organized stuff, not a proper concept nor a proper track listing not entirely his work (every track a collaboration with another artist). I realized later that I may have woke up the artist with my input, at EM we're also producers with a direct approach, and our effort is in the end for the better of the final work. Some are taking it, some not. This album and our collaboration is exactly that example of a producer's process that exposes the rights and the wrongs in a record. In the end I have no problem that the artist released it on another label but at least a short private email notice that the initial demo was discarded would have been nice considering the days invested in it. I think some of the final result is indirectly based on our first contact and input, that effort had to be somewhere stated, that's why this intro in the blog.

For me personally I hope to make at least one release this year. Not really connected with the The Other Dreamers trilogy but with some heavier stuff.
For the label also at least one too.
Working further...


No Winter Hibernation

I guess it was the bottom, the up will follow... After a relative smooth relocation, and eventually settling down for good in Sibiu, it was also the time to begin with everything new.

The EM / ABB websites (that can still be seen on archive.org) were technically deprecated.
What happened: our ISP/Hosting had upgraded and upgraded but our websites / CMSs were not upgraded when it should be. Technically at one point in 2015 the PHP version & other (the server side) changed in a way that the websites could not be updated anymore. In more detail, the index of the articles did not corresponded anymore with the actual content. My guess is that MySQL was also affected.
I have tried different upgrade scenarios (jumping from version to version of Joomla!) but no success and little time (relocating). Our ISP did not help either much, so I took the decision to take all down and start anew. Also with a new ISP/Hosting.

Thus here I am at the end of 2017 with a new beginning: a new host-er, new home, new websites, shop in the making, and hopefully new family member(!)
I am taking now the time to bring it all again on feet.

Projects on the table:
•New Published Music - Fractaled - Insignifinity (the third chapter.)
•Websites Design - EM / AB / ABB / Online Shop
•Digital Shop Update - Bandcamp mainly
•Indexing/Sorting - The growing collection on vinyl / CD as part of the real shop.
•Programming - Automation of shop updates (Excel-CSV-App) + HTML for some templates.
•New Music ABB II/III - Looking forward to continue with the part II of the All Demons Are Horned. A part III is also in plan.
•Developing Story - A story that during 2015 session of All Demons I had mind, now grew a bit.
•New Music Project - Happy that Jochen got in contact in order to make some music together, at 1500 km away, will see how it develops...
•New Mastering Jobs - "Cruel Sound Works" lived, it really helped lately. Glad it did good, even with the technical problems of the mastering PC, now switched. Need upgrade here also.
•New Music - Monoliths, to remake it as a full length. But the artwork needs an update too.
•Other more in "Hinterkopf" now themes.

The winter can come, I am waiting it with a warm cup of tea, patience, music, notebook, to-do lists, pfff...