Behold the Absolving Stone!

What if there is a real way and a place where you can come to practice your final rite. A blasphemous, burdened place where you can meditate and drone the ultimate vindication tunes. The last attempt to end all of your burdens and to free yourself: where curses, sins, bad omens and death are vindicated. Here in the secluded dark den find the long forgotten absolution device: the Profane Stone.




Challenging myself, the awakening

There are times when you need to re-think much of what you do. I myself look to challenge me more, reinvent me from time to time. To seek new ways of doing things, new perspectives.

Over the entire 2021 I was thinking about that, and came up with something which I find appealing and challenging again. A joy feeling that I missed.

Indeed, on the sound side, when I looked at it with a magnifying glass I found out some aspects that I feel it needs some further exploration. And that is the mystery of the low frequencies and their effect on the mind and body.

Thus much of my audio tries, beginning early in 2021 was to develop myself on to working with those frequencies more. From how they can be "manufactured" to how to handle them in mix and mastering.

There are some aspects that goes with those frequencies, on one side they can soothe the mind and on the other side they are able to reinvigorate some inner states, they create in some, also a kind of addiction (my drug is the music!). Feeling an urge to listen more...and more. This is interesting, the way that the frequencies evoke from within a certain calming, pleasure-sweet feeling and a desire to remain there as much as possible.

My first attempt to create something with this in mind is the new release with ABBILDUNG - "They Shall Wake". Along with the story that develops further (around The Other Dreamers" series) I needed to create a sense of deep, remote, almost lifeless and at the same time of late awakening to some higher consciousness levels of those creatures out there.

I needed to conclude the story, and I am glad to have found it. As the creatures were awakened by our dreams to higher consciousness levels, they ultimately are becoming the new casters of some dreadful dreams.

This means, the consciousness levels of the creatures in the Universe are elevated only when they receive those dreams. Afterwards, in return they become the next casters, the new awakeners and the cycle repeats from one race to the next. Thus the Universe runs on dreams, and that way it gets itself bootstrapped into self-awareness.

ABBILDUNG - They Shall Wake

Going to composition again, the low end frequencies plays a big role in this release, and I put into practice some aspects, technical and psychoacoustic. I think right now that the ultimate effect should bring a sense of emergence, to a remote place, as well as a bass-bathing experience - when played at higher levels, it should give "goosebumps" or "Gänsehaut".
As I usually do like to do my own covers, I am fortunate, I got some great input from family and close friends and I eventually (took some months) came up with this version (out of 5 in total) - I am very comfortable with the final result, it fits the original story and concept perfectly.

The exploration on the sub-bass subject sure to continue and with it I found it necessary to create a suitable label for this new approach.

Deep Wounds Records is the concept label I created in order to gather that kind of records. [Bassphemies Confessions] is the label subtitle, which I think it makes a lot of sense, since we talk about inner strong evocations through low frequencies.

The debut album is the new ABBILDUNG album. And inviting fellow artists to participate in this new endeavor, to challenge themselves...


Deep Wounds Records

Deep Wounds Records [bassphemies confessions] low frequencies-driven record label. Slow and deep and low dark ambient exclusively.


During early 2020 - isolation, anxiety, pandemic sci-fi, post-apocalyptic landscapes, creativity, aphanasis

The isolation times of 2020 gave a lot actually, especially to *already* not so social people. In this positive aspect, I can think of a lot of artists - one downside was the lack of live performances but on the other side there was an opportunity to stay with themselves more...

I spent some more time with the guitars and my tunes and also had some streaming live sessions on twitch platform. Things evolved shortly and a new album took form. A special album that marks the special times of isolation during first pandemic wave and also is a special kind, a live in studio album, mixed accordingly, without much editing nor mastering.

Was some excellent time, had to mention that two other things converged to the album creation: 

1. the Artwork

there were some photos sent to me by a friend of mine (thanks "Bebe"), some excellent photos from the same isolation days, of an old block in Bucharest. That kind of building that withstood the test of time not so well (remember the 1977 Earthquake). 

2. the Title

finding a title for the album was challenging in a way (the working title was "isolation" a much too used one) but that changed just in time.

"Aphanasis" has a deeper meaning actually, maybe a more general one than of 'fading away.' A meaning in the context of any thing, an intrinsic meaning within all things (coming from psychoanalysis). It is even a definitory meaning, precisely of disappearance, the one that makes things existing.

The final artwork (complete on the CD version) contains elements of the concept, and some other subtle ones, to be discovered. Also asking what is there a black metal sign on it? For one thing, this is a special one not randomly selected and second, the album contains some hints at that genre. Also as just let here for others to be discovered. Also this is more and more in connection with some Essentia Mundi releases that will be presented in the next months.

So this could be in the end the most interesting year so far for the label and me. This is my second album this year after "Braahia" which was as part of "the other dreamers" series and "Aphanasis" as a testament of the isolation times. Stay close to find out more also about Essentia Mundi new releases.

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