C.fieldechoes & ABBILDUNG - Live Brussels

"There are certain and essential manifests at the frontier of form and function of sound that requires a deeper exploration..." this was the motto that I had in mind when tried to implement the transiental soundscapes concept through the phonography and sound installation. The objective was to have the simplest and low power consumption installation and yet to have a maximum of effect: let the flow gradually take you to the meta-city. The 5.1 mix track is the accurate sound of the installation, it was captured with 2 Shure SM and 2 Rhode condenser mics, no mixer was used. For the best listening experience is important to have the 4.0 speakers at about 7 meters away.C.fieldechoes & ABBILDUNG - Live Brussels


ABBILDUNG & C.fieldechoes
1 Live Brussels (DTS 5.1) (31:43)
2 Live Brussels (Stereo Mix) (31:43) [sample]

C.fieldechoes (field recordings)
3.Sibiu: Music School (1:30)
4.Sibiu: Street Work (1:30)
5.Sibiu: Post Office (1:30)
6.Sibiu: Rink Freezer In Big Square (1:30)
7.Sibiu: Train Station Static Noise (1:30)
8.Brussels: Street Music (1:30)
9.Brussels: Spray Paint Work (1:30)
10.Brussels: Molenbeek Square (1:30)
11.Brussels: Elevator (1:30)
12.Brussels: Street (1:30)

The CD artwork is hand-made of recycled paper 200g, black and white artwork inserted into colored envelope, limited to 32 copies only.
More details also on ABBILDUNG website.

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Official Release Date: 24.08.2012
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