Seetyca - Bleakscapes Released

(EM018) 31.08.2011, limited to 300 professional made sealed CDs.

Everyone into dark ambient should be already familiar with Seetyca project from Germany. Bleakscapes full-length is an incredible dark journey, it consists in 77 minutes of drones, minimal dark ambient sound pleasures for the ear and mind..:.

1. bleakscape #6
2. bleakscape #5
3. bleakscape #4
4. bleakscape #7
5. bleak house
6. bleakscape #3
7. bleakscape #8

Total run: ~ 77 min.

bleakscapes was conceived and recorded in winter and spring 2010 @ mbira v.06. seetyca plays e-maschinen, samplers, bells, flutes. artin mucht plays synth. etheocles stevens provides voices & string samples, recorded with the oregon origo string quartet. mixed and mastered by seetyca & artin mucht. Additional artwork and final mastering by C.

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