Seetyca - Bleakscapes to be released soon

The things began to enter a right path. Just prepared and sent the Seetyca - Bleakscapes Master CD-R to the factory. Everything is looking very optimistic but I will be back with more infos after I will have a sure date for release.

This will be a great release, very nice drone, dark ambient soundscapes by Seetyca. In this special release Seetyca plays e-maschinen, samplers, bells, flutes. Artin Mucht plays synth. Etheocles Stevens provided voices & string samples, recorded with the Oregon Origo String Quartet.

I am honoured to have such a great artist at Essentia Mundi. That is why I made everyting possible to have a professional release with his work.

I have also tried to provide a nice final artwork and a final mastering touch to the release. I am confident with the results so far, the only thing remaining now is the trust in the CD Factory.

Seetyca records ambiant and experimental music since 1994. Has numerous collaborations with artists like mick harris, franziska baumann, mystified, nerthus, kapotte muziek collective, mnortham, serge devadder, bunk data, etheocles stevens, clemens presser, swamps up nostrils, mari solaris, vzusdw and others. active member of groups vzusdw, circle of pines, postmoderne phonomöbel, origami malebariska, moedra a.o.

Some of the releases:

seetyca_1 2001/2002; mbira records.
sulphur (with etheocles stevens); mbira records 2002.
stone (with dipl.-ing. dr. johann e. mildenberg); mbira records 2002.
the dark design (with nerthus); mbira records 2003.
eternal ice melts - voicesphere remixed. remix album with contributions by mick harris, franziska baumann, seetyca, clemens presser and submerged. 2003 on_lap records/2006 soleilmoon records.
soljaris - seas of endless (with mystified and swamps up nostrils - alternative score); mbira records 2004.
remnants of carbon beauty 2-cd; mbira records 2004/2005.
audilisk. music from the zone mp3-cd; mbira records 2005.
dühringa aorta; mbira records 2005.
im traum; darkwinter records, 2005.
nekton falls 3-cd compilation featuring artists like mick harris, franziska baumann, lilith, kapotte muziek, matthias grassow, serge devadder, mnortham, clemens presser, nerthus a.o. produced and all interludes by seetyca.
see things ep; silence is not empty records 2006.
die zween thüren (with christian berhalter); mbia records 2007.
morelenbaum ep; mbira records 2007.
sulphur III (with etheocles stevens); otium records 2008.
das zubrochene antlitz; enough records 2008.
the insistence of memory 2-cd (as circle of pines with nathan larson); atmoworks 2009.
lost in the ayre. field recordings. vzusdw.org 2010.

More soon.

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