The plans for next Essentia Mundi releases (Part I, 2011)

I spent the last couple of months trying to relocate to Germany. Finally some success, I could not foreseen such difficulties in finding an apartment for renting. The prices are very high and the rate of success to find one is diminished by the competition, it is like everybody wants to live in Munich.

Some further delay in publishing the next Essentia Mundi releases is hopefully not problematic for the artists. These are the releases planned for near future (part I):

Seetyca - Bleakscapes (EM018)
A great ambient and dark ambient album. The design for cover is all done, I have only to send everything to CD factory.

Seetyca - Bleak House (edit) by C.'s Essentia Mundi & ABB

"Essentia Mundi" the experimental music label

EM artists:
Earth To Ground / Seetyca / Carlos Suarez / Xedh / Plateau Omega / Kenji Siratori / Crepuscular / Epsilon Eridani / Apologist / Sunmoon / Mister Vapor / VoidWork / Dogtuckerman / Siegmar F. / Pietro Bonanno / ABBILDUNG & Fractaled / Objekt 4 / Wolfskin / Nexus Sun / Samsa / Wapstan / Chromascope / Oenyaw / Nehmödt / Audioemetic

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