The retrospective 15 years of Essentia Mundi Records

It is nice we celebrate the end of 2019 as our 15th year in the field of dark ambient (and uncategorized music).
We started in 2005 as a promoter in the field with the intention to release own, personal projects under the Essentia Mundi label moniker.
Along the way some more artists have joined and we are grateful for that. We remain a SMALL label, we do not intend to go "industrial size" and release a lot either in near future. Most of our releases keept the raison d'etre, aura of the beginning: to help whenever possible the debut artists, because WE KNOW OURSELVES how hard it is to get noticed even a bit.
Could say the label is of a very private nature: by the sound of the records produced and the fact that it is still a passion driven, not a burden in making it a classic capitalistic "success". It is more the reflection of the dedication for dark ambient of the owner.
There are a lot to cover for these 15 years in more detail but maybe in the posts to follow. For now, for the musical part, the first and now the second retrospective albums are a great image of our story so far:

So celebrating 15 years #essentiamundi with our two retrospective compilations covering 2005-2011 and 2012-2019 respectively, are now available on label's bandcamp page:
Per Artem Sonus (sampler II, 2012-2019):
I am through...Sound (sampler I, 2005-2011, Free Download):

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